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The mutline sachet packing machine is a high-speed automatic sachet packer that is applicable for liquid and powder materials. It is easy to operate and features an advanced performance. This machine is also equipped with a film contacting mechanism, which makes the film change easier. Besides, the sealing temperature of the sachets is fully automatic and has a high degree of accuracy.

A multiline sachet packing machine is a high-speed, vertical-flat sachet packaging machine with a maximum speed of 700 sachets per minute. The 4-sided sachet packaging machine can reach 980 flat sachets per minute. The high speed of this sachet packing machine makes it perfect for any type of sachet production. The low maintenance required makes it a cost-effective and convenient machine.

The versatility of the mutline sachet packing machine is its ability to fill various types of sachets. This machine saves the name of the client and the size of the sachet. Then, it automatically fills the sachet and packs it into the cartons. It also has the capability to control the number of sachets it packages per minute, which is essential for flexible packaging.

The multi-lines sachet packing machine is a high-speed packaging machine for powder and granular materials. Its high-precision whole-rolling-type heat sealing rollers are used for the filling and sealing process. The mutline sachet packing machine has high-speed and high-efficiency, and requires low maintenance. Once you have invested in a machine, it will make sachets that are of a consistent size and shape.

A multi-line sachet packaging machine is suitable for a wide range of products. Its multi-line design allows the user to vary the size and shape of the sachet. Some of the products that can be packaged in a mutline sachet packing machine are powder, liquid, and granular materials. The mutline sachet packaging machine is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

The mutline sachet packing machine is designed to pack various powders and granular materials. It is capable of filling a variety of powders and granules, and can also be used for different shapes and sizes of sachets. Its continuous film motion enables it to work nonstop. It can be programmed for start and stop production. The mutline sachet packaging machine can be customized for many different products, and it can be adjusted for a variety of weights and sizes.

The mutline sachet packing machine is a versatile sachet filling machine that can fill a variety of sachets. The VFFS sachet filling machine is a high-volume machine used for industries with a large output, but only a small variety of bag shapes and styles. With a mutline sachet packing system, you can easily meet the needs of your clients without compromising on the quality of the product.